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Jamie Stuckert

Design Manager, Writer, Speaker


@JamieStuckert holds an MSc in Design from Columbia University and brings together effective teams and uses design to create fast-paced products.

She is currently the design manager for the Dot agency. She previously led design teams at Arrow, co-founded the company that was acquired by Parenthesis, and worked as a freelance designer for several years.

@JamieStuckert is from Canada; she studied in Paris and London, worked in Singapore. He currently resides in San Francisco. She loves yoga, books and wine.


Design Conference 2019

Design Teams
San Jose, California

Design and Mental Health 2019

Ability to speak
San Francisco, California


@JamieStuckert is always ready for cooperation and discussion. If you want to talk about design, books, wine — whatever! — write, and she will gladly answer.


remote interview lessons
April 2020

What design mentors need
December 2019

How to promote collaboration
November 2019

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